The prison is full of tricks
Seek many rooms to find cues for getaway
Can you get out――

Game Content


In the era of wars and chaos-

I creeped in opponents' castle
But, got captured

In the castle and the prison
Are Full of deadly tricks

Well, It's time to go
I don't train myself for nothing...

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Product News

On Thursday, October 5th, Regista Co., Ltd has announced "TRAPPED in The Tricky Prison" on the Nintendo Switch™ as a downloadable title.
Pre-purchases are available from today, October 5th Thursday.
The game will be released on Thursday, October 12th Thursday.
The game is currently 50% off to commemorate its release.

Product Information

Title:TRAPPED in The Tricky Prison

Genre:Puzzle (Escape Room)


Release date: Oct.12,2023


Download:Nintendo Store NOA.

Download:Nintendo Store NOE.