On my way to a temple,
I found a garden.
What's wrong with this place……!?

Game Content


On the way to a temple
in the mountain

My friend says,
It's a cats paradise――

I was supposed to walk on a straight road
But somehow I got lost

When I tried to turn back
I saw a building over trees

On reaching, I opened the gate
To find a small garden

What I saw in the garden
Was totally unbelievable

Game Screen

Product News

On Thursday, October 19th, Regista Co., Ltd has announced "THE KITTY in The Trapping Garden" on the Nintendo Switch™ as a downloadable title.
Pre-purchases are available from today, October 19th Thursday.
The game will be released on Thursday, October 26th Thursday.
The game is currently 50% off to commemorate its release.

Product Information

Title:THE KITTY in The Trapping Garden

Genre:Puzzle (Escape Room)


Release date: Oct.26,2023


Download:Nintendo Store NOA.

Download:Nintendo Store NOE.