The Demon Crystal, produced in 1984 by YMCAT, achieved great success as the pioneer of the action RPG genre and became a nation-wide hit.
The first game in a trilogy, it is known as a "legendary game."

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Once upon a time, there was a blessed nation called "Fairys."
But the more its peace and prosperity continued, so too did the seeds of corruption in its citizens, and the country's power waned.
In order to restore the kingdom to its former glory, "Princess Chris" chose talented citizens
and appointed her personal Imperial Guard "Ares Knither" as their leader.
But the time for this bountiful nation to be tested had finally arrived.

A vile demon named "Sharud" came from a dark storm far away from Fairys,
and laid siege to the country.
"Princess Chris" formed a "Justice Troop" centered around the Imperial Guards,
who clashed against "Sharud."

But when faced with "Sharud's" magic and the evil monsters known as
"Tarantulas," "Warriors," "Ghosts," "Dark Warriors," and "Kappas"
created by his magic, the "Justice Troop" was wiped out.
Without them, Fairys quickly fell at the mercy of "Sharud."
To ensure he would never be opposed again, he attacked the palace
and took Princess Chris as hostage to his monster town.
In order to save Princess Chris and Fairys, "Ares Knither" went all around Fairys,
gathered magic orbs (Fire Bombs) rumored to have been sent from the heavens above,
and embarked for the monster town all by himself...

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Title:The Demon Crystal(Switch)

Genre:role playing game


Release date: Apr.11,2019

Platform:Nintendo Switch

Release Area:Europe / Australia / Americas

Download:Nintendo Switch eshop NOA

Download:Nintendo Switch eshop EURO