You wake up to find yourself alone
in the police office
Can you solve riddles
and mysteries and get out of the place――

Game Content


You have been sent to a detention center
because you caused a disturbance on the street.

On getting put in there, you fell asleep
And you woke up to find something is wrong.

The drunken man who caused a commotion together
and even a mean police officer are both gone.

For some reason, the bars of the cell that you're in
are open.

'I have abad feeling about the situation...
I need to get out of here ASAP...'

Game Screen

Product News

On Thursday, January 25th, Regista Co., Ltd has announced "Japanese Escape Games The Police Office" on the Nintendo Switch™ as a downloadable title.
Pre-purchases are available from today, January 25th Thursday.
The game will be released on Thursday, February 1st Thursday.
The game is currently 50% off to commemorate its release.

Product Information

Title:Japanese Escape Games The Police Office

Genre:Puzzle (Escape Room)


Release date: Feb.01,2024


Download:Nintendo Store NOA.

Download:Nintendo Store NOE