Investigate various areas and solve riddles in the hotel of tricks.
Can you escape from the hotel?

Game Content


It was just a curiosity
to bring me to The hotel.

There are some mysterious rumors
about the ruin of the hotel.

Some say that its light's up, but surely nobody is there.
Some say that they see a man who has a Fish-face.

I didn't take that serious and came in the ruin out of a curiosity,
but as soon as I stepped in the entrance,
I suddenly got so dizzy, and...

Now I find myself trapped in the hotel.
Should escape from the window?... No, it won't be broken.

I've got a bad feeling about this.
Better to escape from here as soon as possible...

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Product News

On Thursday, July 21st, Regista Co., Ltd has released "Japanese Escape Games The Hotel of Tricks" as a downloadable title on the Nintendo Switch™.
The game can be played from July 21st (Thursday), today.
To celebrate the launch, the game is on sale!
Regular Price: $9.99→Sale Price: $4.99

Product Information

Title:Japanese Escape Games The Hotel of Tricks

Genre:Puzzle (Escape Room)

Language: English

Release date: Jul.21,2022

Platform:Nintendo Switch

Price: $9.99

Download:Nintendo Store NOA

Download:Nintendo Store NOE