Who's smarter? Dr.Mouse or you!?
Use items smartly and get out of the lab!!

Game Content


The escape game with multiple stages, set in the mouse's laboratory.
Explore the lab with a lot of riddles,
Use items smartly, and solve them!

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Product News

On Thursday, April 18th, Regista Co., Ltd has announced "Escape Game The Dr. Mouse's Lab" on the Nintendo Switch™ as a downloadable title.
Pre-purchases are available from today, April 18th Thursday.
The game will be released on Thursday, April 25th.
The game is currently 50% off to commemorate its release.

Product Information

Title:Escape Game The Dr. Mouse's Lab

Genre:Puzzle (Escape Room)


Release date: Apr.25,2024

Price:$ 9.99

Download:Nintendo Store NOA

Download:Nintendo Store NOE.