You're trapped in a deserted house in the forest
As you tried to get out, the door won't open.
Besides, your friends are missing.
Can you escape from the house…?

Game Content


Out of town, you set off to a deserted house
with your friends

Walking through woods, you found the house
Exploring the inside
found you nothing but the power is on

So you decided to go back home, though
All of your friends are gone
What's more, the door won't open

You seem to be locked in
'I must get out of here…'

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Product News

On Thursday, April 11th, Regista Co., Ltd has released "Escape Game The Deserted House" as a downloadable title on the Nintendo Switch™.
To celebrate the launch, the game is on sale!Regular Price: $9.99→Sale Price: $ 4.99
The game can be played from April 11th,(Thursday), today.

Product Information

Title:Escape Game The Deserted House

Genre:Puzzle (Escape Room)


Release date: Apr.11,2024

Price:$ 9.99

Download:Nintendo Store NOA

Download:Nintendo Store NOE