Something is wrong with the hospital
where I was taken when I lost my consciousness
I have a bad hunch…
I must get out of here now…

Game Content


An unexpected car crash brought me,
who was only half conscious, to a hospital

On regaining my consciousness,
I woke up to find something is off

The inside of the hospital looks so dilapidated
that some part collapsed and dusty

That is giving me a bad feeling…
I must need to get out of this place now…

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Product News

On Thursday, March 14th, Regista Co., Ltd has released "Escape Game The Abandoned Hospital" as a downloadable title on the Nintendo Switch™.
To celebrate the launch, the game is on sale!Regular Price: $9.99→Sale Price: $ 4.99
The game can be played from March 14th,(Thursday), today.

Product Information

Title:Escape Game The Abandoned Hospital

Genre:Puzzle (Escape Room)


Release date: Mar.14,2024


Download:Nintendo Store NOA.

Download:Nintendo Store NOE