You wake up to find yourself in a dim mansion
Can you clear all the tricks
And get away from it――

Game Content


I am an agent who investigates--
mysterious objects and rumors

A Folklore, which has been told,
drove me into a mountain

Only in a bright night--
That old mansion appears

Right in front of me is the door
On opening it, I fainted

I woke up to find myself trapped
In the mansion

Something is wrong with this place……
I need to get out of here immediately……

Game Screen

Product News

On Thursday, August 31th, Regista Co., Ltd has released "TRAPPED in The Dim Mansion" on the Nintendo Switch™ as a downloadable title.

Product Information

Title:TRAPPED in The Dim Mansion

Genre:Puzzle (Escape Room)


Release date: Aug.31,2023


Download:Nintendo Store NOA.

Download:Nintendo Store NOE.